Proud to be Parr

As baby photo of John E. Parr born 17 August 1920researchers, our mission is to simply reconnect our family and PROVE our connections.

The Proud to be Parr website was started in 1997, with a mission to share as may Parr documents and records as humanly possible, offering them online FREE for all Parr family researchers to see.

My hope is that we can contribute to each other’s research, lowering our individual cost of researching, and increase our chances of proving our Parr lineage back further than has ever been done before.

As of 2012, Parr Genealogy was added to this website for your ease in sharing your Parr research … and use of the database is FREE!

For those of you who prefer to search this site for what you are looking for (not including the Parr Genealogy database), there is a search option available in the footer, along with Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

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