Catharine Parr Traill

…in answer to your question as to whether Catharine was a Parr by birth or not – “No, she was not.”

Below is a quote from Catharine Parr Traill a chapter written by J.L. McKeever and published in PETERBOROUGH LAND OF SHINING WATERS An Anthology
A Centennial Volume Published by the City and County of Peterborough 1967
I direct you now to page174, the second full paragraph which reads as follows:

     “Catharine Parr Strickland was born in London, England on January 9, 1802, the second youngest daughter in a family of nine, five of whom, including Catharine, achieved some degree of literary fame during their lifetime. Her father Thomas Strickland came of a family of considerable standing in the north of England although he himself was a Londoner. He was connected with the shipping business in which he was eminently successful, so at the time of Catharine’s birth he and his family were in comfortable circumstances. Catharine Parr, the last wife of King Henry VIII was a Strickland and it was after her that Thomas Strickland’s daughter was named.”

     This author goes on to say: “It is not our purpose here to chronicle the life of Catharine Strickland as this has been done elsewhere; by Agnes Fitzgibbon in a foreword to Mrs. Traill’s book Pearls and Pebbles, and in more recent books such as Needler’s Otonabee Pioneers.” For those of you who wish to know more about Catharine Parr Traill!

     Actually, this book is an excellent source for those with Irish ancestors (whatever their name) who came to Canada. For instances, in the section titled Wooden Ships and Iron Men written by Lloyd Hale readers will find detail accounts on Ireland, in as early as 1821 — along with snippits of stories, letters and journals. I would imagine this valuable tome is now out of print but if you ask at your favourite library. Don’t forget, there is such a thing as InterLibrary loans!