Think Your Parrs Are Related to Queen Katherine Parr, eh?

1) Don’t all genealogist pray they find a royal link in their family …somewhere?

2) Do you remember what STD King Henry VIII was afflicted with at the time Katherine married him?

3) Did you know that Queen Katherine Parr married again, AFTER the death of King Henry VIII?
    …that they married “in secret some time by the end of April, 1547, most likely at the Queens estates at Chelsea.”…and, that she had a daughter by that marriage?

Sorry to “burst” your balloon. I know how “neat” or “nifty” it might seem, thinking we’re related to royalty folks. It’s just that I’ve been asked the question of whether MY Parrs are related to Queen Katherine soooo many times, it isn’t funny. My usual reply to those who email me claiming they’ve been told their Parrs are related to the Queen, might be something like this:

“I have been told that too, but honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t been able to prove/disprove that theory one way or another. I just wish I could “prove” MY Parrs came from County Cavan, Ireland, never mind England right now. First things first, you might say.”

To those who (gosh) envy me the possibility of being related to Queen Katherine, I might say something like:

…their marriage couldn’t have been consummated else she wouldn’t have been able to conceive a daughter with Thomas Seymour
…or like this…
King Henry VIII most likely only married his nurse to stop the gossip in the courts. You know, all that “face-saving” stuff!

I don’t know about you, but I feel embarrassed for Katherine having had to marry King Henry VIII when she was said to be in love with Thomas Seymour.

Now… that having been said, can we get back to researching our Parr families?

Let’s try to prove each Parr family back, one generation at a time …being sure not to overlook anyone. Are you with me on this?

As a group, we can all say, “Yes, our Parrs ARE probably related (NOTE the underlined “probably” folks) to Queen Katherine’s Parr family, but …let us get our own Parr family documentation in order first, and worry about our “royalty connection” later …’kay?