Early Pedigrees of the Parr Family

“Find enclosed the Early Pedigrees of the Parr Family (from St. Helens Library, England). I am sure you will find it interesting.
I presume these pages are extracted from the Topographer and Genealogist, which was a magazine produced in Victorian times.
As the author suggests it does provide leads which need to be followed up.”
      — Colin Farrell’s (from Merseyside, England) contribution to the PARR research.

Colin informed me by email that “…the place of Parr, today is a fairly run down area of the town of St. Helens.”

The information contained within, is typed as it appears in the printed version sent by snail mail, by Colin. The page may be slow to load . . . but the wait worth it!

I opted to using the PDF file format for the pedigree charts (linked above). I feel they should be presented to you as they appear in print, for your own interpretation. I found some of them rather confusing to follow, to say the least.

When you have finished reviewing them, don’t forget to come back and find even more Parr details at the Proud to be Parr website. Example: The Parr bulletin board, offers you, a Parr researcher, the opportunity to have a message published for other researchers to find …or, you could discover that long lost Parr connection!