Young Parr and Charlotte Lawson

Young Parr, Charlotte Lawson and one son
Young Parr and Charlotte Lawson and one of their sons

Author Helen Mitchell has allowed me to offer you part III of her book titled The Mitchell, Higgins, Parr and Lawson Book ( 4,206 KB). This part details Young Parr and Charlotte Lawson.

Should you be of an early Ontario Parr family, an American Parr family (there are several incidents of these Parrs living… though temporarily… to USA), and you wish to contact others researching the Parr surname, feel free to either email or snail mail me at: Trish Parr, 525 Ritson Rd. N., Oshawa, Ontario L1G 5R4 Canada. I will be glad to share names and addresses of all/other Parr researchers.

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