Pedigree Charts – instructions for filling in yours!

Please read these instructions carefully before filling in your Pedigree Charts.
Following are a few simple rules that will save us all time and energy.

  1. Please fill in dates using this format 14 Sept 1880. (DON’T use 9/14/80).
  2. Please don’t use all caps, just capitalize the first letter in the name or last name.
  3. If punctuation is used, use it in ALL info.
  4. If abbreviations are being used, please use the same abbreviations consistently. (Example : US or USA, but not both on the same chart.
  5. In order to protect everyone’s privacy, we ask that you start with the FIRST DECEASED PARR for Number 1 on your charts.

For your convenience, here are THREE different file formats of a pedigree chart to choose from.

  • Word pedigree chart ( Word icon 33 KB ) – Rich Text Format (RTF). Specification provides a format for text and graphics interchange that can be used with different output devices, operating environments, and operating systems.
  • Excel pedigree chart ( Excel icon 23 KB ) – If you are real familiar with Excel, the cells you should not touch have been protected.
  • Printable pedigree chart – For those of you who need to send your pedigree by regular post. Mail to Trish Parr, 525 Ritson Rd. N., Oshawa, ON L1G 5R4 Canada.
Don`t copy text!