Governor John Parr 1782-1791

This is an excerpt from a book by the Nova Scotia Historical Society
cover Collections Nova Scotia Historical Society Volumn XIV
You can obtain your own (invaluable!) copy of this book by writting the:

    Public Archives of Nova Scotia,
    6010 University Avenue,
    Halifax, NS  B3H 1W4  Canada.

Ask for Collections Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Volume 14 (October 1997 this book cost $7.50 + $4.00 s&h for my Canadian order)

What a treasured book this is for me. There’s even a picture of a sketch of Governor John Parr on page 40. I’d share a copy of this sketch with you here but that would mean damage to the spin of my book as it is old and brittle. Mmmmm. The smell of old books.

The author of this story did his research before the 1922 fires in Ireland. If his working files are ever located, keep your fingers crossed that MacDonald did a thorough research of Parrs in the area of Ireland noted in his opening chapter.

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