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You Can Now Post Your Parr Genealogy Online, FREE!

get your Parr genealogy online FREE!

Come, join us and get your Parr genealogy online for free, right here!

However, there are some rules and terms of use you need to be aware of before heading on over to the Parr Genealogy database.


  1. Nothing less than 12-character passwords are to be used – EVER. Here’s why: How to create a ‘super password’.
  2. You password MUST contain a healthy mixture of lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers and punctuation.
  3. NEVER select to “Remember me on this computer” or “Remember my password”.
  4. And, most importantly… NEVER post information of living relatives EVER in the Parr genealogy database.
  5. These rules will be added to as it becomes necessary and it will be up to you to stay informed.
  6. Here’s a Secure Password Generator that you can use to generate a strong password

So that you understand the importance of having a STRONG, UNIQUE password, please watch the short video below BEFORE moving forward.

10 Worst Password Mistakes We’ve Ever Seen

Internet Expert Debunks Cybersecurity Myths

Users must agree to the Terms of Use and those found not complying with these rules will be banned from using the Parr Genealogy database, and their information will be deleted. Privacy is of the utmost importance thus posting living relatives information online will NOT be tolerated. I do not care if the database allows for you to “Hide” info or not. If you post ANYTHING online it’s out there and easy for hackers to retrieve.

Let’s all agree to play fair and share this awesome free tool. That being said… I hope you’ll join us in getting your Parr genealogy online NOW!

Trish Parr - written
Trish Parr
Webmaster for the Proud to be Parr website.

PS: Here’s a short video on Getting Started for those who would like a quick look at how to enter your deceased relative’s information AND get those photographs to display properly on all pedigree charts!

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