Old Coat of Arms For a Parr

NOTE: “The King forbade anyone to take on Arms unless by right of the ancestry or as a gift from the Crown. Under the most heraldic rules, only first sons of first sons of the recipient of the Coat of Arms are permitted to bear their ancestor’s Arms.”

…so please, do NOT go using the Arms depicted here. This is for entertainment value ONLY.

The PARR Coat of Arms hereby illustrated is officially
documented in Rietstap Armorial General. The original
description of the Arms (shield) is as follows :
     “D’ Arg. A deux fasces D’ Azur : A L A Bord, Engr. de sa.”
When translated the blazon also describes the original
colors of the PARR Arms as :
     “silver ; two blue horizontal bands ; a black engrailed border.
Above the shield and helmet is the crest which is described
as :
     “The bust of a woman, clothing blue, crowned with roses
alternating silver and red.”

or so it was printed in The World Book Of PARRS, printed in USA, published by Halbert’s Family Heritage – No. 19863.

Don’t waste your money purchasing this book. They haven’t even mentioned Governor John Parr 1782-1791, of Nova Scotia, Canada. Did you know that Parrsboro, Nova Scotia is named after Governor Parr?

“Thank you!”, Randall Parr of Texas for sending this coloured version to share here!

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