Parr Brothers

The ASSUMED Parr Brothers

Should the story carried generations forward in time, prove out to be true; “it is said by a descendant of Henry and Elizabeth Parr, that all of the early Ontario Parr families come from 5 brothers who immigrated from Ireland.”

Found to date in the early records of Ontario, are the following 3 Parr brothers?

…In search of William Parr and Thomas Parr …assumed missing brothers!
Could this be a son of the Thomas Parr family we’ve been searching for?

As for James Parr and Nancy (Ann/Elizabeth) Montgomery their assumed children are listed as follows:

    James Parr (married Mary KELLET)
    Robert Parr (married Ann Elizabeth LOVE)
    Young Parr (married Charlotte Ziemenia LAWSON)
    Samuel Parr (married Jane Lucas)
    John Parr (married Delilah GUNTER)
    Ann “Nancy” Parr (married Andrew MONTGOMERY)

Though I have listed Joseph above, Joseph Parr (who married Jane Kennedy) is presently listed as an assumed child of James Parr and Nancy Montgomery. I feel a strong doubt of this parent/child connection. Rather I feel certain, that (my 2x’s great grandfather) Joseph will prove to be a nephew to James and Nancy (Montgomery) Parr – and a son of a “Thomas Parr of County Cavan, Ireland who was kicked off his land for to much wine and women.” Little is known of this Thomas Parr to date.

I have learned since that the Thomas Parr who is listed in Ireland’s records as being “kicked off his land for too much wine and women” DID immigrate to Canada and that he is buried somewhere in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

Samuel Parr (who married Jane Lucas) is listed above as being one of James Parr and Nancy Montgomery’s children. The reason for this is that in Samuel’s family records it is said that Samuel lost his father at a young age, and, this James Parr disappeared after the Tax Assessment of Cavan Township, Ontario was done in March 1827. In August 1827, Nancy (Montgomery) Parr is shown as purchasing the same acreage James was assessed as being on in March 1827. James is nowhere to be found at the purchase date in August of that year . . . and Nancy is listed some years later as “widow Parr.”

There are letters written by Andrew Montgomery; names of first born children; an existing fiddle from the 1800’s said to have belonged to a Parr who was tossed overboard on his way over to Canada from Ireland for playing an Orange tune on a mostly Catholic ship. These are only some of the facts that have been discovered in our search for our ‘roots’.

Should you be of an early Ontario Parr family, an American Parr family (there are several incidents of these Parrs living . . . though temporarily . . . to USA), and you wish to contact others researching the Parr surname, feel free to either email or snail mail me at: Trish Parr, 525 Ritson Rd. N., Oshawa, Ontario L1G 5R4 Canada. I will be glad to share names and addresses of all/other Parr researchers.