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1.) Do you know Lady Jane Parr?
2.) Can you help find John Parr who was a hairdresser in North Bay, Ontario, Canada?
3.) The Parr Family Photo 1878 – Living at 3 Ravensworth Terrace, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland


FOUND: Ann Jane was the eldest daughter of Joseph Parr and Jane Kennedy. I have been searching for years now, to no avail… until 2017 that is.

NEWSFLASH: Late in 2017, I received an email from a person who stated they thought my Ann Jane may be their Ann Jane Parr, as the their Ann Jane Parr married Robert McEown and their daughter Sarah Jane McEown was born in St. Marys, Ontario, and her younger brother Robert James McEown was born in Seaforth.

headstone for Robert McEown and Ann Jane Parr

The approximation geographically speaking, did make me wonder… though I was afraid to hold out too much hope. Then low and behold… upon further investigation this year (2018)… here is what Lloyd (my NEW found COUSIN) discovered:

Ann Jane (Parr) McEown born 1834, died Apr. 29, 1879  buried in Muskoka.  Ann Jane died shortly after the birth of baby ‘Ann Jane’ in 1879 who also did not survive.

Ann Jane’s maiden name was Parr but it was stated as ‘unknown’ on her death certificate.  Death certificate states that Ann Jane died after 4 days of ‘inflamation’.  She was buried on the family property in Macaulay Twp, Muskoka.

……..from 1871 census, Muskoka, Macauley, ON……

Robert McEown     M 45
Ann Jane McEown F 36
William Henry ”      M 12
Sarah Jane ”           F 10
Eliza Ann ”              F 8
Margaret Ellen ”     F 6
Joseph Hiram ”      M 4
Robert James ”      M 2     (Lloyd’s Great-Grandfather)
Walter ”                  M 5 months

……..from 1881 census, Muskoka, Macauley, ON……

Robert McEown    M 56    Irish labour widowed
William Henry ”     M 23                “
Sarah Jane ”          F 21           servant
Eliza Ann ”             F 19
Margaret Ellen ”    F 17           servant
Joseph Hiram ”    M 14            labour
Robert James ”    M 12            attending school     (Lloyd’s Great-Grandfather)
Walter ”                M 10      attending school
Pheobe ”              F 6
Harry ”                 M 3/12 (Jan.)

This serves to PROVE that sharing your Parr Genealogy online really can help you find your Parr connections!