McLaughlin in Union Cemetery, Oshawa

Jane McLaughlin who married William Bell (Margaret Ann Bell‘s parents) are my 2Xs greats – Trish Parr

Union Cemetery map ( 52 KB )

Robert McLaughlin monument DSCN0407

…and, on the ground surrounding the Robert McLaughlin monument are several stones, some of which are the following:
John McLaughlin (father of Robert McLaughlin) was the brother to my 2x great grandmother Jane McLaughlin who married William Bell.
John McLaughlin

Eliza Rusk - wife of John McLaughlin

Robert McLaughlin

Robert McLaughlin’s first wife, and the mother of all of his children.
Mary Smith - 1st wife

Mary Jane (McLaughlin) McCulloch

Robert McLaughlin’s 2nd wife. Sarah Jane Parr was the daughter of Robert Parr and Ann Love.
Sarah Parr - 2nd wife

Robert McLaughlin’s third wife was Eleanor McCulloch (photo of headstone missing from my collection).

Elizabeth wife of Jo. McLaughlin head stone   John McLaughlin head stone

Frank McLaughlin head stone
Leslie F. McLaughlin head stone
William McLaughlin Dolene Huggard head stone

Robert McLaughlin 1836-1921 head stone   Robert McLaughlin 1836-1921 head stone - close up

McLaughlin crypt Union Cemetery, Oshawa
McLaughlin crypt entrance door
Annie Hodgson w. Geo McLaughlin d.19 Apr 1947
C. Ewart McLaughlin d. 09 Aug 1968
Geo McLaughlin d. 10 Oct 1942
Marg Alexandra Luke w. C. Ewart McLaughlin d. 14May 1901
Marjorie Isobel McLaughlin d. 09 June 1986
Robert Ray McLaughlin d. 23 Sep1947

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